Am I sad or depressed?


Am I sad or depressed? Psychiatry 31/12/2019

Am I sad or depressed?

Being sad, without humor, with little desire to do things, no longer enjoying what you usually did, is also one of the the experiences that life offers us. Disappointments, an emotional disappointment, or the loss of a loved one, are just a few examples of what we can call reactive sadness, the result of these experiences. But it is clear that over time, and as we live new experiences, we overcome this sadness and try to face life with past experience and trying to look towards a better future. But when the intensity of sadness or its persistence disturbs our lives, it polarizes everything, it invades our thoughts, it blurs reality with a persistent and unusual pessimism in us, and little by little we get closer to depression. ;n.

How depression starts:

When we no longer only feel sadness but we begin to feel tired, pessimistic, with a feeling of being sick, with a lack of motivation and illusion for everyday life, and where anything is a problem, and moments in which we lose the motivation to continue "fighting" in the face of what used to be just day to day. Sadness is already a Depression, a disease that can manifest itself and evolve differently in its severity (major depression, the listed dysthymia, etc.,)


It is known that certain neurotransmitters such as serotonin are acting but depression alters our thoughts, full of pessimism, despair and we think that We have not been well for a long time and little by little we have been getting worse. In depression, the state of mind prevents objective reflection, and our intellectual capacities are affected, our thinking and our intelligence are blocked by the state of deep sadness, pain, melancholy and the thought that we will not be able to overcome it invades our thoughts. In a short time we will realize that we need help and the most important thing is not to delay it or want to believe that it will pass. by itself alone. We need the support of a specialized team.

Dr. Joseph Rebordosa. Psychiatrist.

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