The importance of oral hygiene and visits to the dentist: an investment in your health


The importance of oral hygiene and visits to the dentist: an investment in your health Odontolgy 16/04/2024

The importance of oral hygiene and visits to the dentist: an investment in your health

Oral hygiene: more than a beautiful smile

Oral health is a fundamental component of our well-being general, but many times we do not give it the importance it deserves. A good one oral hygiene not only contributes to a radiant smile, but it is also crucial to prevent a series of problems health, from gum diseases even cardiac complications. In this article, we will explore why Proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits dentist are valuable investments in our long-term health.

maintain a good oral hygiene goes beyond to have a beautiful smile. Brush your teeth, use dental flossl and mouthwash regularly not only helps prevent plaque buildup and dental caries, but also protects our gums of diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. The bacterial plaque that accumulates in our teeth can cause inflammation in the gums, which can eventually lead to tooth loss. teeth if not treated properly. Therefore, spending time on a oral hygiene routine Proper care is an investment in long-term health.

Prevention of general health problems

The oral health it is closely related to our general health. In fact, Recent research has shown a connection between the disease periodontal disease and other health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and respiratory problems. The bacteria that accumulate in our mouth can enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation in other parts of the body, which increases the risk of developing diseases chronicles. Therefore, maintain a good oral health not only protects our mouth, but can also help prevent more serious health problems throughout the body.

The role of the dentist: more than a routine checkup

Although maintaining a good oral hygiene at home is essential, regular visits to the dentist They are equally important. The dentists They not only perform professional cleanings to remove plaque and tartar that we cannot eliminate with daily brushing, but also They perform extensive exams to detect any early signs of dental or oral health problems. These routine visits allow detect and treat problems such as dental cavities, gum diseases and the oral infections before they become bigger, more costly problems to treat. Additionally, dentists can provide guidance personalized advice on how to improve our brushing technique and how to better take care of our oral health on a daily basis.

Comprehensive medicine for the whole family

From our medical and dental center we have incorporated the specialty of oral hygiene providing our patients with access to high-quality, comprehensive treatment quality. We have specialized professionals in our medical team, ensuring a expert approach and custom for each patient. Furthermore, with the availability of modern equipment and advanced techniques we guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment and patient comfort.

We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals with modern technology available to our patients to offer a service of the highest quality.

How multidisciplinary health center, we offer you private medicine proximity for all family members, with more than 30 specialties and 40 professionals at the service of our patients. We offer our services to populations of Lliçà d'Amunt, Lliçà d'Avall, Montmelò, Montornès del Vallès, Mollet del Vallès, Granollers, Caldes de Montbuí and Parets del Vallès.

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