Periodontics Odontolgy 19/03/2017


Periodontitis is the most prevalent disease in humans. Between 85-94% of the Spanish population over 35 years of age have some problem related to their gums.
< br /> Specifically, regarding Periodontitis, 16-30% of Spaniards over 35 years of age have this periodontal infection, reaching the degree of severe in 5-11 % of the adult population. The consequences go far beyond aesthetics or having repercussions only at the oral level, but there is also evidence linking some periodontal diseases with greater cardiovascular risk, diabetes or poorer control, or suffering childbirth. premature.

The current economic situation is assuming a setback in the adoption of preventive measures related to Periodontal Health, as well as a delay or abandonment in the adoption of therapeutic measures. Despite the fact that 80% of the population believes that it is important to visit the dentist once a year to keep their mouth healthy, only 43% go.

The best way to prevent Periodontitis is to maintain proper oral hygiene to control dental plaque levels, but in predisposed people, despite proper oral hygiene, the disease may tend to occur . Therefore, oral hygiene is an important pillar of prevention of Periodontal Diseases, but not the only one. It should be accompanied by regular check-ups with a specialist so that an early diagnosis and treatment can be carried out with the aim of eliminating or reducing the bacteria, reducing or modifying the risk factors that make it more susceptible, such as tobacco and create the right conditions so that the disease can be controlled in the long term.

Dr. M. Ribera Prat

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