Patient Care


Patient Care Patient care 25/04/2018

Patient Care

When we refer to the care of a patient, the most important thing is to take care of the treatment and always show understanding. This factor receives more importance in our sector, when dealing with people, patients, who suffer from a chronic disease.

It is also important to be kind, polite and speak respectfully at any time and in any situation.

One of the points to consider is the reason for the visit: successfully determining the degree of urgency is essential so that the professional can carry out the necessary treatment quickly and comfortably. Patient care is characterized by sensitivity, involvement and respect for the integrity of the patient.

It is essential to follow the action protocol before a specialty, medical referral or diagnostic test, in order to offer the necessary help and not create confusion in a future response from the health specialist. This work guideline will make it possible to be decisive in detecting problems and possible doubts that arise during the visit.

From personal experience within the health sector, the main objectives when caring for a patient are to analyze the reason for the visit and respond quickly to their needs with friendly and close treatment. As a consequence of this response, the patient will experience a favorable outcome in their health or an improvement in their physical and/or psychological appearance. On the other hand, it is intended to resolve any need or incident during the time of the visit.

Complaints and claims from patients are a good starting point to start the necessary improvements to be able to offer an efficient and quality service. Ignoring or not perceiving the requests or suggestions of our patients will not, if not, aggravate the problem.

Currently, when a patient arrives at the consultation, he or she is not limited to receiving an optimal response from the professional, but also wants to be able to enjoy good treatment and a good welcome from all the staff. That is why the Centre Mèdic i Dental Parets takes great care of this aspect and we work every day to make things better.

  • Estela Alvarez Santamaria
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