Recover your skin after the summer


Recover your skin after the summer Aesthetic medicine 25/09/2018

Recover your skin after the summer

The return to the routine requires an over hydration of the skin, since 90% of people have suffered the effects of the sun and are suffering from it. affected by it.

There are different ways to approach skin depending on age, previous skin condition, and sun exposure.

From less to more, there are many possibilities, from injected vitamins and medical peels, to fillers and threads, simple non-surgical and painless techniques to improve the skin, and the tired appearance that appears with the over the years.


Peelings: equal to peeling, starting in the fall, improves the skin's luminosity and pores at a superficial level.

Vitamins: with hyaluronic acid, it provides the necessary amino acids and trace elements to stimulate collagen. Easy and fast, with local anesthesia in just 30 minutes.

Hyaluronic acid: one of the components of the skin, which is lost over the years, like collagen and elastin, it serves to recover, fill, hydrate and firm, Because the filler lifts the tissues, this treatment is one of the most performed in aesthetic medicine.

Threads: There are many types, from the simplest, similar to acupuncture needles, to anchor threads, which are similar to a lifting but without surgery, and which stimulate the collagen, with local anesthesia. These double-needle threads are ideal for defining the oval of the face or neck, which sags over time. The results are very good for very affordable prices for anyone.

Depending on the characteristics and age, one thread or another is better recommended.

Avui in day it is possible to work qualsevol body zone with the fils, and together with the cream greix, foresee, if they are necessary, the results are good . Des dels braços fins abdomen i entrecuix.

Col·lagen stimulators can also be used in any cos area, així; com at the facial level, butò At this facial level, it is preferentially used over the nose, since it is a perfect material for rhinomodeling, without surgery.

There are body farcities, which are used with local anesthesia, at the glutis level, or other areas that are vulnerable to different reasons.

Crema greix: it infiltrates the areas of greix localitzat, to eliminate it in a local way sota anesthetic infiltrate with the own greix cream, for double chin and body.

Today with the techniques and new materials of aesthetic medicine, almost everything can be worked on without surgery.

And finally dermaplax, plasma light, which uses light energy for the periocular area at the level of excess skin, or for any wart or excrescence, which can eliminate them in one session and with Local anesthesia. It also treats some spots that have relief, and if not with acids, since they are complementary treatments, which depending on the spots and the color of the skin, would be done in one way or another

Dr. Louise Jordan

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