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Campimetry - CMD Parets ophthalmology 14/03/2023

Campimetry - CMD Parets

The campimetry is a diagnostic test used by ophthalmologists to measure the patient's visual field. We know the visual field as everything what the eye can see when it has the focus set on a point. like this So we can say that what this ophthalmological test does is study the visual field, the limitations and possible injuries that it may have.

What practical utility does it have?

Campimetry is a very useful diagnostic test. to, in addition to checking eye health, detect and monitor of possible injuries or illnesses and follow their evolution. Can Take the diagnosis of glaucoma as an example.

Likewise, the campimetry test collects information on the retina and the eyeball, assuming an excellent ally for degenerative diseases or pathologies at the local level.

How is it done?

Perimetry is a very easy and simple test that is done in approximately 15 minutes. The patient supports the head Stand in front of the field meter and fix your vision on a fixed point while the other eye is occluded. During the test, the patient will see different light bulbs around this fixed point and you have to hit a button every time you see them.

It must be taken into account that in the case of the elderly and children, those who have a harder time concentrating and maintaining attention focused, they are usually tested in each eye on different days for a more accurate diagnosis.

In case the patient blinks during the test, the perimeter takes this flashing into account and repeats the sequence of lights in the same viewing area where the flicker has occurred in order to have a correct diagnosis.

Visual campimetry test in CMD Parets

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