Tips and tricks to unwind on vacation


Tips and tricks to unwind on vacation Psychology 27/08/2022

Tips and tricks to unwind on vacation

Tricks and tips to unwind on vacation

The vacations, the long-awaited vacations that we look forward to all year year to carry out activities that, during the year, for a reason or another we cannot do, they can become in a moment of stress and anxiety.

We have to take into account that throughout the year we live in a state of semi-permanent stress: meeting work goals, take care of family needs, daily routine, manage and plan daily time, etc., makes us forget about leisure time and disconnection that our brain needs to “regain strength” and keep a balanced emotional state and mental health.

All this causes us to fall into a dynamic of need for production permanent that can be extended during the vacation season: we want continue to be productive even in summer and that leads us to forget of the importance of resting during the holidays.

Our brain asks us to “relax”

The fact that the working period is combined with periods short or long rest is because our brain needs a break to “recharge batteries” and do a “tune up” to our organism. Reality happens when we have entered a period long production without rest or pauses and suddenly we stop: we have gone from 100 to 0 from one day to the next and our brain needs a period of time to “assimilate” change and manage the previous activation with the sudden stop that has been suddenly found.

What? What can I do to disconnect on vacation?

These circumstances are small factors that help us to It will be more difficult to disconnect from work, harming our emotional and mental health.

here We bring you some tips to give your brain a boost extra and get to the holidays with a fuller disconnection:

  • Leave nothing for September: everything you can leave “closed” before going on vacation will help you to disconnect: the delivery of a project, a postponed meeting and that it has been possible to advance, a closed deal, etc. All those tasks that can be left finished, better.
  • What if I have to postpone it? If you have pending tasks to In September, list them in order of priority and time: what can be resolved quickly or is a priority must be at the top of the list and whatever else long to solve at the end.
  • Plan your meetings in the agenda: leave meetings scheduled with your customers and sending them an email as a reminder will help you to disconnect and “relieve” the load to your brain.

And during the holidays?

  • Manage your social networks: we spend many hours in front of a screen, and even more so in the mobile phone, like this. get connected to your social networks for a short period of time, for example, One hour a day to prevent it from taking up your leisure time.
  • Plan activities: a visit to a museum or exhibition, a dinner with friends or family, an excursion, a day of beach, it is not about filling your day to day with activities, if not to plan both leisure time and boredom.
  • Because being bored is good. Boredom fuels our creativity, will recharge our batteries and will do let's get back to work with more motivation and that the post-holiday syndrome does not It affects us so much.
  • Back to the routine before “back to the routine”: the days prior to returning to work, begin to start the routines that you perform throughout the year: schedules, meals, planning the return to cole, etc., will do that the return to the daily routine, both work As a family member, don't be so harsh.

We hope that these tips will help you enjoy a well-deserved rest and that you can recharge your batteries. Rest and enjoy, happy holidays!

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