Aesthetic benefits in skin treatments


Aesthetic benefits in skin treatments Aesthetic medicine 09/02/2022

Aesthetic benefits in skin treatments

The skin is a sensitive part of our body that deserves special attention. It protects us from external aggressions such as excessive cold, heat, pollution, etc. Taking care of the skin with aesthetic treatments, in addition to helping us feel more comfortable with ourselves, will make our skin look better. Our skin feels more revitalized. The aesthetic treatments purify and detoxify our body and our skin.

The advantages of facial aesthetics

The facial aesthetic treatments have many advantages, among them:

1.-       They delay the appearance of wrinkles and aging.

2.-       They remove impurities and dead cells.

3.-       They regulate acne.

4.-       They improve makeup application.

5.-       It looks smoother and softer.

These treatments, always carried out in a personalized way, will The skin looks more luminous and cared for.

Advantages of body treatments

The aesthetic body treatments help improve skin tone and elasticity by activating blood circulation with its vasodilator effect, reducing fat by breaking down the molecules that produce fat, reducing fatty tissues and tightening deep tissues.

In what? What does the Medestec Method consist of?

In our medical and dental center we are specialists in aesthetic medicine. We apply the Medestec method, a non-invasive treatment that generates a vasodilator effect and activates blood circulation. This activation causes cell revitalization, improving skin elasticity to achieve tone and hydration and, in turn, body rejuvenation.

This type of aesthetic treatment is valid for facial and body treatments.

How do aesthetic treatments improve our health?

These aesthetic treatments combat flaccidity, cellulite and adiposity, eliminating cellulite and improving blood circulation.

These aesthetic treatments are specific to treat flaccidity, orange peel skin or cellulite, improving lymphatic drainage to help burn fat, accelerating metabolism and reducing the norm. cellulite moduli.

At Centre Mèdic i Dental Parets we are specialists in Aesthetic Medicine. If you need to consult about any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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