The security of our polyclinic during the COVID-19 pandemic


The security of our polyclinic during the COVID-19 pandemic Patient care 18/06/2020

The security of our polyclinic during the COVID-19 pandemic

The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our society and in the health sector requires an effective and proportionate response to guarantee safety and reduce the anxiety that fear of contagion may generate. All this, together with the need for clinics and medical centers to promote rigorous prevention measures, has led us at CENTRO MEDICO Y DENTAL PARETS AND RIBERA DENTAL CLINIC to adopt specific protocols aimed at making our polyclinic a safe space.

Patients who need to come to our facilities must come equipped with a mask and not long before the appointment, which must have been arranged by phone, so as not to stay in the center for more than the time strictly necessary. Upon entering, they are given a brief questionnaire to assess the possibility of infection and their temperature is taken. They disinfect their shoes and their hands with hydro alcoholic gel at the disinfection station and enter the consultations.

Consultations are disinfected twice a day using a nebulized solution of hypochlorous acid, when the center is closed. All contact surfaces are also disinfected: counters, tables, chairs and objects likely to be contaminated using a veridical solution.

All our reception and auxiliary staff serve behind protective screens and equipped with gloves, masks, hats, uniforms and disposable protective gowns, respecting safety distances.

The medical staff receives patients with a mask and gloves and following the preventive protocols validated by health institutions and prevention services. In cabinets where the risk is higher due to the generation of aerosols, such as dental cabinets or otorhinolaryngology, professionals are equipped with a higher level of protection: FFP3 and/or surgical mask, screen or protective glasses watertight, hat, uniform and waterproof coverall, surgical gown, leggings and of course gloves. In these cases, the cabinets have supplementary individualized equipment with Purion 10w UV lamps that disinfect the room's ambient air.

Of course, all surgical material is bagged and sterilized under chemical and bacteriological controls, maintaining traceability. Environmental disinfection is taken into account using Wellis wadu-02 equipment for the release of hydroxyl radicals, located in transit spaces, such as waiting rooms, which perform microbial decontamination, eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi on all surfaces. and even smells.

Air conditioning ducts are a dangerous source of active mobilization of germs from one space to another in the center. For this reason, we have taken this aspect into account by installing UV lamps in Purion equipment in such a way that the air flows through the pipes and is disinfected at the outlet. The natural convection of the air leads to continuous treatment using ultraviolet radiation.

With these actions we can guarantee a high level of safety for all our patients in such a way that medical and dental facilities are the safest place and the most reliable environment to which they can go.

Mr. V. Ribera