Insomnia: Sleeping is suffering


Insomnia: Sleeping is suffering Psychiatry 31/01/2020

Insomnia: Sleeping is suffering

The fact that sleep is restorative, that is, that it makes us feel rested and fit in the morning, is very important and Due to this fact, we are more aware when we sleep badly, leaving us with the feeling of being as if we had not rested at all. Sleeping well is essential for our entire body and also for our brain. While we sleep, the brain gets in order and the body relaxes. Every day we psychiatrists see more insomnia, in patients who have a hard time falling asleep as well as those who fall asleep easily but after a few hours are wide awake.
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Why? Did we sleep badly?

Tiredness, irritability, bad mood, malaise in general, decrease our performance, and above all, despair and concern appear in the expectation that this coming night perhaps they sleep badly again. and so on a vicious circle of sleeping poorly is closed, expectant anguish in case I will be sick. We are not able to sleep today, and therefore we lose the tranquility necessary to fall asleep. And it is that to sleep with quality you have to be calm and relaxed. There can be both physical and psychological reasons, from a circulation problem to an anxiety problem, for example.

Most advisable treatment:

You have to take action quickly and break the cycle of sleep anxiety. Starting a brief medical treatment to start sleeping more regularly is urgent, but without forgetting the origin. Ruling out a physical illness will be difficult. paramount, but the probable in insomnia will be a psychic problem. Misbehaved anxiety, depression, unresolved conflicts, can be some examples, and therefore insomnia is nothing more than a symptom. Addressing its origin will be difficult. It is fundamental with the collaboration of the psychologist and taking medication will be necessary. a step but never a solution. The use of hypnotics, whether prescribed or promoted by the audiovisual media, is very common. The first ones must be controlled and must be taken under the strict control of the specialist, the most "natural" ones fall short or are useless. Therefore, we must study each case and not take any remedy that they have told us.

Dr. Josep Rebordosa.

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