Advantages of orthodontics in children


Advantages of orthodontics in children Odontolgy 25/10/2017

Advantages of orthodontics in children

How many times have we not heard: "Until we our children's teeth come out, we can't make their mouths". This statement is sometimes true, until everything is replaced we cannot align the dentition and leave it with perfect occlusion, but most of the time thinking that is a mistake.

It is very important to go to the dentist's check-ups since the first teeth come out. In these visits we will not only check that there are no cavities, but also re-educate the patient in the habit of dental hygiene and above all we will check that the development of their bones (maxilla and mandible) grow correctly.< /p>

At an early age, we can correct harmful habits for the correct development of the mouth, such as: atypical swallowing, oral breathing, digital suction… These can cause the maxilla to move forward, the palate to be too narrow, an open bite to form, or the mandible to grow too far past the maxilla. All of this would be causing inadequate bone growth in the child.

When the child is in growth we can act on these bones.

  • If the palate is stretched, we can expand with a very simple appliance, in approximately one year, the great benefit it will have. willà the one of being able to shred correctly, to be able to place a lluny hour at the time that corresponds to it because així I did not harm other bears, it is a matter of expanding the space because pugui fer el recanvi millor.
  • If the maxillary or mandibular growth is not correct, we can stimulate or stop both removable devices for a couple of days, per correct-ho i that this problem the day of demà It is not turned into a skeletal problem that just could be corrected by orthognathic surgeries.
  • Si els ossos esta creixent bé; però The teeth are large and missing space we can eixamplar the maxillary teeth and avoid them in a future extreure premolars sans to be able to get space to align the teeth.

Per tant, the most important thing is to attend the periodic reviews because each child is different, each mouth is different but In all cases we have tried to ensure that their development follows the harmònic, functional and aesthetic month as possible.

Dr. Dori Merina

Col. 3241


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