Dental aesthetics: A radiant smile to improve your life


Dental aesthetics: A radiant smile to improve your life Odontolgy 12/03/2024

Dental aesthetics: A radiant smile to improve your life

Dental aesthetics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving the visual appearance of a person's teeth and smile. As awareness of the importance of an attractive smile has increased, dental aesthetics have become increasingly popular. This approach not only seeks to correct functional dental problems, but also concerns itself with aesthetic harmony and patient confidence.

Benefits of dental aesthetics:

  1. Appearance Improvement: The main advantage of dental aesthetics is the significant improvement of dental appearance. Treatments can correct spots, discolorations, malpositions and other imperfections that affect the aesthetics of the smile.
  2. Increase of Trust: An improved smile contributes to an increase in self-esteem and confidence. People who feel safe with their appearance are more likely to face social and work situations more safely.
  3. Defect correction: Dental aesthetics can correct a variety of problems, such as delineated teeth, spaces between teeth, broken or staggered teeth, and irregular gums.
  4. Natural aspect: Advances in aesthetic dentistry have allowed the development of treatments that provide natural results. The materials and techniques used seek to preserve the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth at the same time.

Dental Aesthetics Process:

  1. Assessment and diagnosis: As dental aesthetic professionals, we will evaluate the dental health of the patient and study their aesthetic objectives. With this information, we will make a diagnosis to determine the most appropriate treatments.
  2. Processing planning: Based on the evaluation, we develop a personalized treatment plan that can include dental whitening, orthodontics, dental carillas, implants, among others.
  3. Implementation of treatment: The procedures will be carried out according to the established plan. This may involve several sessions, depending on the complexity of the case.
  4. Monitoring and maintenance: After completing the treatments, we follow up to ensure that the results are satisfactory and that the patient is pleased with the treatment received. In addition, we provide guidelines for long-term maintenance.

What medical solutions in dental aesthetics do we offer at our centre?

  1. Dental whitening: A non-invasive procedure that clarifies and whitens the teeth, eliminating spots and discolorations.
  2. Dental vests: Slender layers of ceramic material that adhere to the front surface of the teeth to improve shape, color and alignment.
  3. Dental implants: Replacement of lost teeth by placing implants that mimic the function and appearance of natural teeth.
  4. Aesthetic orthodontics: Systems such as transparent aligners correct the alignment of the teeth in a discreet and effective way.

Keep in mind that...

Dental aesthetics is an investment in your health and well-being. A beautiful smile can help you feel better with yourself and improve your quality of life.

And remember...

It is important to go to a collegiate dentist with experience to obtain the best results.

Specialists in dental aesthetics

From our medical and dental centre we offer dental aesthetic services providing our patients with access to a high quality comprehensive treatment. We have professionals specialized in our medical team, ensuring an expert and personalized approach for each patient. In addition, with the availability of modern equipment and advanced techniques we guarantee the efficacy of treatment and patient comfort. In addition, we include comprehensive assessments, accurate diagnoses and dental aesthetic procedures performed by trained dentists. Postoperative care and proper follow-up are also essential aspects to ensure the complete recovery of the patient and the long-term success of treatment.

We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals with modern technology available to our patients to offer a top quality service.

As a multidisciplinary health centre, we offer private local medicine for all family members, with more than 30 specialties and 40 professionals at the service of our patients. We offer our services to the populations of Lliçà d'Amunt, Lliçà d'Avall, Montmelò, Montornès del Vallès, Mollet del Vallès, Granollers, Caldes de Montbuí and Parets del Vallès.

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