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Aesthetic medicine 19/04/2023

The lips are one of the most striking features of people, but it is also one of the areas most punished due to the passage of time due to continuous movement: chewing, laughing, talking, yawning, etc... It must also be added that It is an area that is totally exposed to the weather: heat, humidity, cold, etc... Luckily, it is possible to hide these signs with the lip refreshing technique.

What is lip refresher?

It is a very fashionable rejuvenating lip treatment and its results are appreciated from the moment of application. After this treatment, lips are more hydrated, nourished, outlined and without cracks. The results obtained are:

  • Hydrobalance restoration.
  • Highlight the definition.
  • Recover the softness.
  • increase in its brightness.

What does lip refreshment consist of?

The treatment consists of infiltrations based on hyaluronic acid that manages, after these infiltrations, to nourish, hydrate and outline the lips. The advantage of this treatment is that the result achieved is not artificial, but that the lips have a healthy appearance. Another advantage of this treatment, which is injected superficially into the skin, is that it integrates naturally into the tissues. The difference between this treatment and lip augmentation is that lip refreshing does not thicken the lips or change their shape, but rather the entire lip area is rejuvenated.

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment usually lasts, in general, from six to eight months, although there are cases in which it can last up to a year.

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