Choosing the right footwear in summer


Choosing the right footwear in summer Chiropody 06/06/2022

Choosing the right footwear in summer


During the summer season, our feet "ask" us to wear sandals that it is necessary to wear a type of footwear that allows the foot have greater perspiration. Despite this, we must not lose of view that the calçat must meet the minimum requirements to avoid discomfort or future injuries that are due to an incorrect way of walking.

In this article we give you the keys so that the summer heat also continues to "take care" of our health:

  • You must hold the foot correctly. That this one does not "dance" on the shoe. One strip is enough if the foot is in contact with the heel when walking.
  • We do not recommend the use of heels or heels that do not exceed 4 centimeters. An excessively high heel causes a loss of stability and balance at the risk of fractures or falls. In addition, high heels create an overload in the metatarsal area causing muscle or musculoskeletal pain. calçado totally flat is not good either, the ideal is that the shoe has a small elevation of a centimeter so that the foot does not have such direct contact with the ground and suffer direct impacts.
  • Use a type of fabric that does not cause friction or injury. It is advisable to use natural fabrics.
  • Do not use footwear that compresses the foot. In the heat, it is common for the ankles and feet to swell and a footwear that compresses the foot can cause discomfort.
  • If we go on routes, for example, in the mountains, or we plan to take a long walk, It is better to use a "trekking" type shoe, since it is designed for more intensive use and withstand the variations and oscillations that a mountain path has.
  • Limit the use of flip-flops. Flip-flops are a type of footwear that is thought to be used in very short routes, so that its use should be limited to what they have been designed for: beach, pool or showers public houses where the purpose of the flip-flops is to protect the foot from possible infection or trauma. With flip-flops, not having a correct restraint, it is common to go dragging the feet and that we make the steps shorter, which causes an overload of the foot Also, being made of plastic can cause skin reactions by preventing proper perspiration of the foot.
  • Try on shoes in the afternoon. As we said at the beginning of the article, it is common for the foot volume increases during the day, so it is preferable to try shoes in the afternoon and so on. avoid possible injuries that can provoke footwear.
It is recommended the use of specific calçado for routes or long walks.
In summer, it is common for the feet to increase in volume due to the heat.

In the Paredes Medical and Dental Center We conduct observational studies. of the foot and perform photopodograms to know how the support of the foot affects the rest of the structures of the body. I'm sorry same, with chiropody we treat different affections that the foot can suffer.

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