What can Medestec technology do for you?


What can Medestec technology do for you? Aesthetic medicine 08/03/2022

What can Medestec technology do for you?

Aesthetic revolution

The Medestec technology has been a revolution in the world of aesthetics. Medestec technology aims to develop the best technology to obtain the best aesthetic and therapeutic results on the market. This method has multiple applications, its methodology works by generating a vasodilator effect that activates blood circulation to create a revitalizing effect at the cellular level improving the tonicity of the the skin and its elasticity. consequently, the fat decreases and important changes are generated in the skin, presenting it more toned and hydrated.

It also produces an improvement effect in aesthetic treatments, since by dilating the pores, it allows better penetration of the product.

Facial treatments

Diathermy, applying the Medestec non-invasive method, creates an effect of muscular repositioning, providing greater luminosity to the skin and increasing its quality. Its rejuvenating effect produces a lifting effect, oxygenating the skin, eliminating dark circles and bags, reducing facial sagging, wrinkles and scars.

Body treatments

The Medestec non-invasive method works by generating energy that is transmitted in temperature, helping to dissolve fat and cellulite. Its result is immediate, from the first application since this method retracts the collagen. The visible effect is immediate, with visible results on the skin. This method combats flaccidity, cellulite and adiposities.

The function of this method is to improve lymphatic drainage to increase fat burning to favor the recovery of abdominal muscles, remodeling n of the buttocks, belly and chest. At a lower level of the skin, the Medestec method acts on the hypodermis, accelerating the metabolism of fat, which causes cellulite nodules to decrease, reducing fatty tissues and tightening the tissues. deep.

The Medestec technology can be applied in aesthetic body treatments:

  • Breast/arm firming.
  • Abdomen firming.
  • Firming of the buttocks.
  • Elimination of cellulite and localized fat.
  • Drain.

In our medical and dental center we have a team of professionals specialized in the application of the Medestec method. Qualified personnel for the application of diathermy in both facial and body treatments. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact form or if you wish, you can request an online appointment through our application on our website:

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