The value of the intangible in vocational training - Article by Manuel Ribera


The value of the intangible in vocational training - Article by Manuel Ribera Odontolgy 07/01/2022

The value of the intangible in vocational training - Article by Manuel Ribera

There was a time when knowledge was concentrated, like a precious distillate, in a few minds of renowned sages. An hour after he died in 1955, Einstein's brain was removed from the deceased so that, from his analysis in 1999, more than 40 years later, it was concluded that there were some characteristics morphological and histological characteristics that made it unique. If there was something in the genes and in the phenotype of the brilliant German scientist, the years would put the accent not only on genetics but also on epigenetics, that by the time he was born he had been born. the distinguished physicist was defined as “the study of all the events that lead to the development of the genetic program of the individual”. Those of us who do not have such a privileged genetic inheritance did not have any left. no choice, once the “race” is over, than to cling to the “events” to develop what he gave of himself. our intellect in search of excellence. And, trusting in the teachings of Aristotle when he said that excellence is not a gift but a habit, we signed up for a lot of “events”: courses, masters and congresses. where to perfect our techniques and learn the new while remembering the old, stubbornly insisting on repeating over and over again what is there. we learned.I cannot help but remark that it was easier for the honorable professor to pursue excellence. To his natural advantage he could add that he was dedicated to chasing atoms and theories of more or less predictable trajectories. We dentists, doctors, and other “species of health scientists” work with people. It is much more complicated to define the behavior of the human being than that of the atom. so Well, there is a component in our job that does not follow defined patterns, that is not learned by acquiring techniques or following protocols. Now that the world is so global, that the internet is Since we are at the center of communications and that it is not possible to go anywhere easily to discover a technique or procedure that we have not previously been able to consult on the web, it is obvious that excellence is not achieved without the ”intangible”. If it is difficult to learn from what we see, imagine how complicated it can be for us to learn from what we do not see. If the good of Santo Tomás did not believe in Jesus until he did not put hands on the wounds, how are you going to believe?, dentists accustomed to putting their hands (and do not see any irony in the affirmation) that there is something true in valuing the “intangible”. Intangible is, in the "events", the contact with colleagues outside the conferences, the active listening to the ways of proceeding of the most expert professionals, the personal anecdotes. It is also what patients transmit to you on a day-to-day basis in the consultation.

The format of professional conferences and courses has been overwhelmed by the difficulty of professionals to find time and to stop working and therefore stop joining. Also because of the huge offer of courses and events.Science and technology will probably be able to feed on the online events that have proliferated so much in these times of pandemic. However, the human relationship, the personal exchange and everything that contributes to providing us with tools to attend to differentiated and unique individuals, who are not at all predictable, full of nuances and unique motivations, will continue to evolve. being the great differential fact of scientific events with physical presence.

A myriad of dentists, according to the unfortunate proliferation of dental schools, are spreading throughout the country, reaching all the places where there are mouths to attend to. The technique, procedures and knowledge acquired in these teaching centers empower dentists to practice anywhere. However, what really makes the difference is precisely the intangible, proximity, good sense, knowing our people; the human part that is not taught in continuing education. Unfortunately there are no specific courses for that, but it is precisely in the exchange between colleagues, in the personalized attention where the training school in the intangible lies. In fact, the difference that the patient will be able to make. What to see between two good professionals is going to lie, within an order, more in those intangibles (learned or innate) than in the technical quality of the treatment.

“Do not try to become a successful man, but rather, a man of values” (Einstein)

I'm sure what? All those events that allowed the development of Einstein's prodigious mind were more related to the "intangible", with what made up the "intangible". His brilliant ethical thinking and behavior are more important than the anatomical or histological features of his brain. The pure technical training of the dentist sometimes gives the impression that he confuses excellence with success. Einstein himself said: “do not try to become a successful man, but rather, a man of values”. We're on it.