Dental Aesthetics. Looking for the perfect smile


Dental Aesthetics. Looking for the perfect smile Odontolgy 09/11/2021

Dental Aesthetics. Looking for the perfect smile

The dental aesthetics goes beyond to get a beautiful smile. Among its applications we can find teeth whitening which we carry out using high-strength, metal-free ceramic materials and techniques with the aim of achieving complete harmonization and a uniform tone for all teeth. Another treatment used in dental aesthetics is that of dental veneers to correct possible dysfunctions or alterations in the shape and color of the teeth in a less aggressive way, achieving a great aesthetic result.

Orthodontics can also be included within dental aesthetics, since this treatment guarantees the correction of oral deviations such as crossbite, aligning the teeth and achieving a perfect oral symmetry.
Dental implants have the objective of replacing the places where, for one reason or another, there has been tooth loss and that can also lead to dysfunctions in oral symmetry.

Is it necessary to prepare for a dental aesthetic treatment?

Before performing a dental aesthetic treatment, it is advisable to carry out a dental hygiene to remove tartar from the teeth and facilitate the dental aesthetic treatment.

Once the treatment is done, what? What steps can I take to maintain optimal results?

The most important thing once the treatment is done is to maintain proper oral hygiene brushing your teeth after each meal and using dental floss, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, not abusing beverages such as coffee, sugary drinks, etc.
It is also important to make the corresponding visits to the dentist to follow up and check up appropriately based on of the treatment.

In our Dental Clinic, our highly qualified specialists and using the most modern technology, we can achieve very good results in aesthetic dental treatments.
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