When is oral surgery necessary?


When is oral surgery necessary? Odontolgy 06/10/2021

When is oral surgery necessary?

Oral surgery is a surgical operation that is used to solve anatomical or pathological problems in the oral cavity and local anesthesia is almost always used, therefore, they can be done in the dental clinic by sedating the affected area.

What? What types of oral surgery are there?
There are many types of oral surgery, from the simplest to the more complex ones that involve the removal of a tumor or the repositioning of the jaw. bula.

An oral surgery is performed by specialists such as preiodoncystists, prosthodontists and endodontists.

There are different types of oral surgery:
- Complex extractions.
- Biopsies.
- Extraction of bone roots.
- Extraction of maxillary cysts.
- Prosthetic implants.

Once the operation is done, the patient must take the medication given by the patient. your dentist and take care of eating habits.

Important aspects in the recovery from oral surgery
For an optimal recovery from an oral surgery intervention, it is very important to follow the indications requested by the specialists. Once the oral surgery operation was done. It is essential to follow the medical treatment indicated by specialists, not to smoke and not to drink alcohol (since it can delay recovery), watch your food (other than very hard or rubbery foods) and avoid foods that are too cold. ;os or too hot. Do not brush your teeth, but do rinse your mouth and use ice to reduce swelling.

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