Why are vaccines important


Why are vaccines important Vaccines 27/04/2021

Why are vaccines important

What is a vaccine?

A vaccine is a biological medicine that, applied to healthy people, causes the generation of defenses that protect the body from possible infections, which prevents infection or disease. Louis Pasteur (chemist, doctor and mathematician) is considered the father of vaccinology, discovering the rabies vaccine in 1880. Throughout the history of mankind, vaccines have managed to greatly reduce the number of people suffering from infectious diseases, since they not only protect the vaccinated person but also protect the people who live with the vaccinated person. Children are the ones who receive most of the vaccines in the first years of life, but even so, adults can also be susceptible to need vaccines due to the epidemiological changes that are created over time.

What does a vaccine do?

The function of the vaccine is to 'deceive' the organism and make the organism 'believe' that it is being 'attacked' by an infectious organism and thus 'forces' it to 'defend' itself against this organism. When the person receives this infectious organism mijançant the vaccine, the body recognizes these organisms as 'foreign' and begins to 'work' to create antibodies that fight against this organism and begins to create defenses to immunize and eliminate this organism from the body.

What are vaccines for?

Vaccines are used as a preventive measure to prevent possible attacks of a foreign organism not only to an individual but also to help ensure that the entire population of a country is safe and immune against this organism and eradicate diseases. It is important to maintain a vaccination schedule in order to maintain immunity for a longer time, spacing out the vaccine at different doses. Vaccines are the medicine that has brought the most benefits to humanity, since they have managed to eradicate many diseases in the world, saving the lives of thousands of people. Knowing the importance of getting vaccinated, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us to get vaccinated if you need it through our application.