Annual recommended medical check-ups


Annual recommended medical check-ups Patient care 19/02/2020

Annual recommended medical check-ups

We are increasingly aware that prevention is better than cure. For this reason, from our Center, we recommend that you have a review once a year:

Ophthalmological: To prevent possible eye pathologies

Maintaining correct vision on a regular basis will allow you to prevent the eyeball from being subjected to overstrain to accommodate your vision. Graduation and adaptation of your vision foresees more complex situations and improves quality of life, especially over the years.

Dental: To rule out cavities and check dental health, at the Ribera Dental Clinic

The advantages of identifying dental problems when they have not yet shown symptoms include economic savings, time and complications. The mouth and teeth are structures of continuous use that require a minimum of attention to keep them in correct condition from the point of view of both aesthetics and function.

Gynecological: With cytology, ultrasound and mammography

Systematic reviews in gynecology allow diagnosing problems that will become really serious. The application of simple and effective diagnostic methods such as cytology, ultrasound and mammography can avoid really important future problems.

Urology: Intended for men, to prevent future prostate problems

Urology services both for men, with prostate monitoring, and for women, with the prevention of postpartum bladder problems, are essential for older people to have a good quality of life


Foot care is very important in advanced ages , maintaining properly cared for nails , without trauma , with support , insoles and correct footwear facilitate mobility at all ages and especially in older people . We also take care of diabetic foot. (Adhered to the diabetic foot program of CAT SALUD).

Dr. J.M Ribera - Medical Director of the CMDP

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