Podiatry at your service


Podiatry at your service Chiropody 28/02/2018

Podiatry at your service

The podiatrist is a health professional qualified to prevent, diagnose and treat all conditions present in the foot. Prevention is almost as important as cure, which is why it is important to make a first visit and avoid possible future alterations such as calluses, fungus, ingrown nails, etc.

We divide the most common pathologies that we receive in our consultations into three subgroups. Dermatological ones, such as skin or nail fungus, papillomas, ingrown nails, etc. Alterations of the bones, such as claw toes, bunions, etc. And the musculoskeletal ones, which can be caused by a bad tread and can affect the hip, knees and back. Within this type of injury we find metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Therefore, to prevent this type of injury that we have talked about, it is very important to have a gait study. This consists of a personalized study using diagnostic tests and computerized systems (pressure platform), where the foot supports are studied and assessed, both statically and dynamically. And the objectives of this are: to relate an injury to the tread, prevent future injuries and in the case of athletes improve their sports performance.

The services we offer at the Parets Medical and Dental Center are:

  • General podiatry: diagnose and treat any foot condition (ingrown toenail, skin lesions, fungus, etc.)
  • Pediatric podiatry: study and treatment of children's feet (children's flat feet, walking on tiptoe, walking inwards, etc.)
  • Biomechanical study: personalized study using diagnostic tests.
  • Sports podiatry: personalized study aimed at athletes to improve their sports performance
  • Personalized templates: personalized treatment for each patient depending on the needs of each one.
  • Foot at risk: people with diabetes have to take special care of their feet, at CMDP we have a specialized protocol for diabetic patients.
  • Pediatric surgery: we treat pathologies such as ingrown nails, hallux valgus (bunions), claw toes, etc.

Hector Contonente

Podiatrist at Parets Medical and Dental Center

Núm col. 1889

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