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Do you need a certificate to travel? PCR or antigen test with certificate.

Certificate to travel in Spanish, Catalan, English. We carry out antigen tests, PCR tests or antibody tests by appointment, results the same day and payment once the tests is done. FREE Cancelation.

Business hours:

Monday to Friday: 09:00-13:00.

Saturdays: 08:30-12:30.

**The time of appointment is indicative. It will be addressed in order of arrival.


The information on the results of the PCR tests and quick tests will be given directly to the pacient through a mobile application, therefore it will not be necessary to travel to the center to collect the results. In the case of the PCR test, the waiting time for the results will be less than 24 hours and the antigen tests less than 30 minutes.


Includes "fit to travel" certificate. It detects the RNA of the virus. It is the most sensitive technique to detect the coronavirus and requires a lower viral load to detect earlier and longer.

PRICE: 120€


Includes "fit to travel". Detects antigens, proteins on the surface of the virus. It is recommended to perform the test in the first five days in patients with symptoms.

PRICE: 30€


It indicates, trough a blood test, qualitatively if you have antibodies (IgM and IgG) generated against the coronavirus in case you have been exposed to the virus.

PRICE: 80€


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