Laser depilation

Laser depilation

Finding a medical center with all the necessary means and knowledge to discover the benefits of hair removal through Parets Laser Hair Removal can be quite a dilemma, especially due to the large amount of information that exists on the internet and the unreliability of some so-called experts in the field.

Therefore, read on and find out why this hair removal technique is, in our opinion, the best, how our medical center can offer you the best advantages, and how you can make an appointment.

Parets Laser Hair Removal

Techniques that include the word “laser” may appear to some as aggressive and dangerous techniques. Nothing less true.

Hair removal using this system consists of hair removal through the emission of amplified light with the certainty that it will not appear again. The peace of mind that this will be the case depends on two factors: trust in the medical center where it is performed and the type of laser used.

The “Centro Médico y Dental Parets” has cutting-edge technology that performs this type of removal with a new-generation, high-power diode laser that provides a homogeneous and effective result in fewer sessions.

The laser energy, being captured by the melanin pigment in the hair follicle, causes a much more accurate destruction of the root. Once the root is destroyed, no more hair can be produced.

Milesman Compact: Diode Laser

One of the differences between the Milesman Compact and other lasers that you can find in other medical centers is its power, since it is the first of its kind that, despite being portable, is extremely light, has a high light output and has a cold head (at -9° C) despite having so much power.

Other types of similar machines do not maintain energy density at all points, which means that there are risk areas due to high energy exposure and, at the same time, areas of low effectiveness due to uneven energy channeling. For this reason we can witness hair removal jobs that are longer, sometimes strenuous and that do not guarantee proper treatment of the skin.

Diode laser hair removal with Milesman Compact works with the VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) system, which provides a deep and at the same time homogeneous energy density.

With this, a greater use of the laser can be achieved and a reduction in the amount of time that the skin is exposed to it, thanks also to its ability to make 8 shots per second in the “Shot by shot” mode and 15 shots per second when This is the “Sweep” mode.

In addition, as we mentioned in the paragraphs above, session times are considerably reduced thanks to the fact that it can be used on all skin types. With its high power, areas such as the legs could be treated in a maximum of 30 minutes and the armpit area in a maximum of 5 minutes.

Centro Médico y Dental Parets

The medical center puts at your disposal an exclusive space to carry out the sessions and at the same time, a team of professional dermatologists who can advise you

On the other hand, “Centro Médico y Dental Parets” has a wide range of doctors who can attend to any of your health needs at any time.

To request an appointment for treatment or assessment, call 93 562 25 53 or go to our medical center at Avda. Catalunya, 155, 08150 Parets del Vallès, Barcelona.

Laser hair removal at “Centro Médico y dental Parets” through this technology, you can remove unwanted hair in a few sessions, regardless of your skin type.

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