Our patients' opinion

Our patients' opinion

Our patients' opinion

I have been taking my daughters to this center for a year and the Pediatrician who takes them is a great professional. In addition to the humane treatment he has with the family, he is always ready to advise and solve any questions you have. He cares a lot about the children and watches them carefully.

Carmen D.

Three years ago my mother suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage and lost all language. They recommended me to the speech therapist at Parets Medical and Dental Center and the improvement was very good.

Arnau C.

Very human treatment, exhaustive examinations, ease of communication and adaptation to the patient. Correct diagnosis and well explained.

Elena Martínez

Dr. Carmen Bleda has resolved my ear infection that had not been cured for 2 years in Granollers.

Antonio F.

High level of professionalism. I have been visiting here for more than 20 years. and everything is perfect, excellent treatment. Very happy!

Daniela Sardà