Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

It is known as oral surgery performing surgical interventions on the jaws or anywhere in the mouth. Oral surgery corrects functional aspects such as the correction of the mossegada, millora de la granda de les genives, placing dental implants and diagnosing and treating a wide spectrum of oral maladies.

At the Centro Medico y Dental Parets, within the Ribera Dental Clinic, stomatologists and oral surgeons with more than 25 years of experience will take care of the preoperative management and postoperative control, if you desired under sedation. At Ribera Dental Clinic has extensive experience in the treatment and diagnosis of dental pathologies such as:

  • Wisdom teeth extraction.
  • Mucosal lesions.
  • Included or retained teeth.
  • Cysts.
  • Tumors.
  • Biopsies.
  • Dental extractions.

We offer our services to the towns of Lliçà d'Amunt, Lliçà d'Avall, Montmelò, Montornès del Vallès, Mollet del Vallès i Parets del Vallès.

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