Dietetic and nutrition

Dietetic and nutrition

Personalized Diets

In general, there are 3 types of personalized diets depending on the clinical history of each patient:

  • Diet 1: Low carbohydrate diets.
  • Diet 2: Hypocaloric diets.
  • Diet 3: Dissociated diets.

It is very important to individualize each treatment and follow it up properly. First of all, we carry out a clinical history, some general analyzes and we advise what type of diet we are going to follow. From there, we carry out weekly medical check-ups in which we weigh, measure and decide on an adaptation or change of diet. Once the estimated ideal weight is reached, we will reintroduce conventional foods until weight stability is achieved. Diets are not difficult to do, you do not have to weigh food and you do not have to take any type of medication.

Protein intake diets (DAP) with medical supervision

WHAT DO I GET WITH THIS DIET?: You achieve faster weight loss than with a conventional diet, without starving yourself and with the safety of medical supervision.

WHAT DOES THE TREATMENT CONSIST OF?: On the first visit we take a medical history and ask for a complete analysis. We explain the diet and the supplements that must be taken to ensure that it is a healthy and safe diet. The controls are fortnightly and we are reintroducing conventional foods, until we reach a maintenance diet.


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