Physiotherapyis the health specialty that works in the field of rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and pathologies.

At the Centro Medico y Dental Paretswe care about the health of our patients, which is why we offer them different health specialties. Our field of action includes the treatment of injuries, contractures, post-surgical recovery, among other specialties.

If you want more information about our physiotherapy service, do not hesitate to ask about our physiotherapists with extensive proven experience. Some benefits of physical therapy:

  • Restore and increase joint movement.
  • Reduce inflammatory processes.
  • Prevent and reduce muscle contractures.
  • Decreased pain and stress.

Below we detail some of the treatments that our physiotherapy and rehabilitation department of the Centro Médico y Dental Paretscan perform:

  • Relaxing massage.
  • Therapeutic massage.
  • Sports or discharge massage.
  • Dry needling.
  • Bruxism (TMj).
  • Manual lymphatic drainage.
  • Pediatric physiotherapy.
  • Injury recovery.
  • Post-surgical treatments.
  • Manual therapy.
  • Neuromuscular and functional bandage (Kinesiotape).
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation.
  • Preparation for childbirth and postpartum recovery.
  • Shock waves.
  • Diathermy.
  • Magnet therapy.
  • Andulation.
  • • Treatment of scars (cups).